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Охота На Пиранъю (2006)

КП 9.00
IMDB 9.00
Резюме : Well, Russians shot the movie Hollywood have a rest!!! The plot is simple and only the form for colorful adventure. Colonel Mazur, a charming brutal hero a la Bond, is ordered to explode secret laboratory in the deep Siberian forest. He was accompanied by a beautiful scientist girl. They executed the order,but trapped into the hands of native landlord Prohor,mad freak,cocaine's and a type of old Russian "barin". Mazur and his companion got into colorful 19 century style village. Soon they know they are part of great man-hunting Prohor's favorite game. Well, it must be seen!!! This movie is somewhere similar to a Bruce Willis action, like Die Hard or Fifth Element. The same energy, humor and non-stop action!!! Okhota is beautiful for its incredible atmosphere: action, comedy, social and national spirit. Mashkov is beautiful playing the role of cool ironic man and so Mironov in his comic and somewhere tragic role of Prohor. The director Andrey Cavun demonstrates a big talent not only in action but in a drama too. Respect!!!
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Охота На Пиранъю (2006)
Andrei Kavun
В ролите:
Svetlana Antonova .... Olga A. Banshchikova .... Viktoria Mikhail Efremov .... Dorohov Sergei Garmash .... Krest Aleksandr Golubyov .... Belobrysyi Aleksei Gorbunov .... Kuzmich Vika Isakova .... Sinilga Vladimir Mashkov .... Mazur Andrei Merzlikin .... Shtabs Yevgeni Mironov .... Prohor
БГ Аудио:
Време траене:
120 min
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